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Your Confession Of Wealth

Your Confession of Wealth
(Confess this boldly several times a day)
Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow will never come, therefore, Today is my day of salvation.  The set time for God to favor me is come.   This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvelous in my eyes. Today is the day which the LORD has made; I rejoice and am glad today. Save today LORD: send  prosperity today.
Today is the day of my super natural debt cancellation. Today is the day that God brings me to my wealthy place.  Today is the day of my favor because God has anointed me for wealth and I am ready to move in my position. Today I am a covenant commander of wealth.  Today I hear His voice because I do not harden my heart. I am ready to sow today.  I am ready to receive today.  Today my heart is fixed trusting in the Lord.  I will never be broke another day in my life because today God is my only provider of wealth. 
"Money Cometh to Me Now" in the Name of Jesus.  All money knows my name  and is seeking me out today.  Wealth over takes me today because I am a money missionary.  I know what to do with money and wealth today. Silver and gold wealth and riches, "Come to my house today."  Today I magnify the Lord in my wealth and give him pleasure. 
Today I am a living epistle of Christ and His glory because He continually supplies me out of HIS RICHES AND GLORY.   My Body is prosperous today, my mind is prosperous today.  Every thing that God has willed to me prospers today.   Today my faith makes manifested blessings appear before me. 

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